Lamborghini Aventador Taxi Vehicle for Bologna Airport

By now, you all know the story of how Lamborghini started out as a producer of tractors. Ferruccio Lamborghini became wealthy industrialst, producing everything from farm equipment to oil heaters. He enjoyed Ferraris, but when he took a car back to Ferrari, asking for some improvements to be made, Enzo Ferrari famously told him to pound sand. Lamborghini decided to build his own cars, and the rest is history. But its Lamborghini's latest supercar creations that appear to be getting the most commercial duty these days. First it was a Lamborghini for use in the Dubai Police force. The latest example is this Lamborghini Aventador Airport Vehicle. As part of Lambo's recent splurge of self-given birthday presents, this Aventador will be stationed at Aeroporto di Bologna, a half-hour from Lamborghini's headquarters. The car features all the necessary airport safety livery, including a large "Follow Me!" sign, and lights. The program, which started on May 9th, will conclude May 19th