Man Bulldozed Four Homes, Truck in Wa.

Typically, it is Monday when people are in their worst mood of the week. Friday is usually reserved for wasting time until it is time to enjoy the weekend. Apparently, this Washington state resident did not get the memo, and bulldozed over four homes, the truck you see above, and knocked out power for thousands this past Friday. I'd hate to meet this guy on a Monday. The appropriately named Barry Alan Swegle (all nut-jobs from the boondocks have three-name-names, its a fact), 51, of Port Angeles, WA, was the culprit of this path of devastation  He now sits in Clallam County Jail, and its being investigated for malicious mischief. Authorities say the incident stemmed from a long-running dispute with neighbors, though they say it is unclear as to the source of that dispute. Perhaps they have beef with the fact that every time there is an argument, Swegle takes things too far...just a thought.