Jon Olsson Introduces Rebellion R2k for Gumball 3000 [w/ video]

I'll put a safe bet down to say that Jon Olsson is one of the most badass dudes on the planet. Pro skier, gearhead, entrepreneur, and now, automotive designer sort of. This is his unbearably gorgeous, completely road-legal creation- the Rebellion R2k. Pretty much a Le Mans car made for the road. Developed in partnership with Leif Tufvesson- former Koenigsegg design chief- in preparation of the upcoming Gumball 3000, the R2k received a number of helping hands from ADV.1 for a sexy set of wheels, Cam Shaft with the sleek chrome foil wrap job and the good folks at Betsafe paving the way as a lead sponsor. We're not entirely sure what's under the hood as of yet- most likely an Audi R8 V10 paired to a DSG gearbox- but you can keep up to date with Jon on his Gumball 3000 journey through Europe on the Betsafe site.
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