If you could shrink down to 1:8 your own size, we reckon you could drive this insanely detailed Lamborghini Countach replica. It's the latest creation from the scale-model pros at Amalgam, capturing the original 1974 LP400 in extreme detail. But you'll pay dearly to put this on display in your house. Prices start at $19,995 ... approximately $2,500 more than a real 2024 Nissan Versa.

But does the Versa have scissor doors? This small LP400 does, opening vertically to reveal details like window cranks and door pockets faithfully recreated in 1:8 scale. Perusing the interior further, we see an accurate steering wheel, gauge cluster, gated manual shifter, stereo, speaker indents, and even an ashtray in the center console. It's all there. And it's glorious.

1:8 Scale Lamborghini Countach LP400 By Amalgam
1:8 Scale Lamborghini Countach LP400 By Amalgam
1:8 Scale Lamborghini Countach LP400 By Amalgam

There's more detail to be uncovered in the front trunk, including brake components and the spare tire, among other things. While you're at the front, you can choose to have the headlights up or down. And when you're done playing setting up that neat-o feature, move to the back and raise the LP400's engine cover.

Underneath you'll find a faithfully recreated 4.0-liter V12, nestled longitudinally between the wheel arches and looking fantastic. Between the red spark wires and throttle linkages for the carbs, we can almost hear it running.

Amalgam will build 199 of these 1:8 scale replicas, available in either Giallo Fly (yellow) or Rosso (red). 4,000 hours of development went into this Countach project, and it takes a small team approximately 400 hours to fully assemble one. And since these are limited-production vehicles largely built-to-order, buyers can opt for bespoke builds if other colors or details are desired. We suspect such customization comes at an additional cost, but Amalgam doesn't offer specifics on that.

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If an old Lamborghini just isn't your style, Amalgam also announced a 1:8 scale Revuelto is coming soon. Only renderings exist right now, but pricing will start at around $16,450 for the standard launch-spec version.

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