Video: Harry Metcalfe Buys a Lancia Delta Integrale, Tells Us How Awesome It Is

I eat a lot of PB&J, mostly because I'm broke. Harry Metcalfe on the other hand- founder of the UK's EVO Magazine- probably doesn't eat a lot of PB&J. I doubt he would even know what to do with it if he saw one today. The point I'm getting at is this- the dude is loaded, and as an EVO big whig, he also has the best job in the world. Thus, his car collection is most definitely on point. He recently wanted to do something a little special; show off. And for good reason, he's the proud new owner of a Lancia Delta Integrale Evo II, arguably one of the most desirable cars (at least for this writer) ever made.
It's yellow, it's edgy and it goes like spit. Watch as Metcalfe describes just how utterly amazing his new toy really is.