Video: Best Local Auto Business Ad Ever

Yeah, its up there. I said it. The best TV spot for a local transmission place ever. The sheer joy of watching this video the first time was a little dashed when I learned that this was not the product of sheer chance, and thus the pinnacle of s0-bad-its-good. No, rather, this was the product of an accomplished singer/garage owner, and a pair of skilled video-making hipsters. That still hasn't changed the fact that this is an amazing ad, which you can watch and learn more about below:
Rhett & Link are the co-hosts of the Mythical Show, a YouTube series where the two help out local businesses by creating more effective ads. This was their work, and the man you see in the video is no accidental YouTube hero. Apparently Goorgen, the owner of the business is a successful musical artist in his country of origin (which is never revealed), then became a shop owner. So he has a little experience. So it is not pure, unadulterated internet gold, but it is still an amazing video. I wish more local auto businesses advertised like this.