Man Goes For Wild Ride on Hood of Car

This does not look good. But things ended safely for the man clinging for dear life on the hood. This video, taken in Roswell, Ga., shows Elton Kim, clinging to this sedan. Kim and his wife were leaving their dry cleaners, when a woman backed into their SUV, and tried to take off without exchanging insurance information. Elton Kim got in the way of the driver, who decided to drive right at Kim, that is when Kim, reacted by jumping on the roof of the car. His tale was not over.
The driver of the car, rather than slow down or stop to let Kim off the car. No, she speeds up and take off down the street. That is when a witness recorded the video you see here. Reports do not describe how Kim was able to safely escape this situation, but police are trying to locate the female driver to press charges.