Video: The Dark Art of the Double Clutch

The double clutch. You've heard the term before, but probably have know idea as to why– let alone how– one performs such an automotive maneuver. Well, we here at BoldRide are the helpful, educational type, and decided we would clue you in on this automotive form of dark magic. Watch on to find out how its done. New cars with manuals have it easy. Hell, the latest Nissan 370Z has a syncro-rev, which replicates the hallowed practice of heel-toe driving (a lesson for another day). But old cars are more crude and their manual transmissions do not spin up to match revs (called "Syncro"). So in order to avoid grinding gears, you must double-clutch, as explained by this intrepid YouTube user: RELATED: See images of the 2014 Nissan 370Z Nismo
Get all that? Good, now you can be a shift-happy, double clutching, manual maestro on your own! RELATED: International Bus Converted into an RV is Our Kind of DIY