Dear Toyota, You Have to Earn a Dirt Wash

As a proud previous owner of a first-generation Toyota 4Runner, I can speak to the credentials of a true SUV with go-anywhere potential. And go anywhere I did. The 1984 Toyota 4Runner that I once wielded was a true beast, and the feeling of content in driving through the sand, mud and snow was nearly matched by the moment of approval staring at the rugged 4Runner sitting in the driveway, covered in the terrain of choice that day. The point is, you have to earn it, which is a notion this Toyota of Australia ad inadvertently violates:
Perhaps I'm being a stick in the mud (terrible, terrible pun). I mean, look at these guys, they're having fun- that's all that really matters. For those that see this FJ Cruiser covered in mud on the road, they may think it hit the open trail, which is enough to convince a local off-roader to get back out onto the nasty stuff. Oh yeah, Toyota might sell a few cars too.