Mercedes Safety Tech Tracked Boston Marathon Suspects

As the hours and days pass from what has been a chaotic time following the Boston Marathon bombings, more details begin to emerge regarding how authorities were able to identify, and eventually track down Tamerlan and Dzkokahr Tsarnev. We brought you information on some of the vehicles used in the Boston Manhunt, but perhaps one of the most instrumental vehicles was the Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV that the duo hyjacked. According to a report by Autoweek, the onboard safety technology in the luxury SUV may have been used to track these two on their night of mayhem, the eve of April 19. The late-model ML350 that was carjacked came equipped with mbrace, Mercedes-Benz's proprietary safety telematics system. Part of that system is a stolen vehicle tracking component. When the owner of the vehicle was able to escape, the called the police, and informed them that the SUV could be tracked via iPhone or the in-car satellite system. It goes to show you that some of the "nanny safety tech" offered in new luxury vehicles has an inherent benefit, and the mbrace system in the ML can largely be attributed for the ability by law enforcement agents to track down the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. While this tech is typically employed for fender-benders, sometimes it can be of greater service.