Video: Jaguar F-Type Stars in Ridley Scott Short Film

This is a fetching way to kick off your Monday morning. You could check up on how your fantasy baseball team is doing (hint: Shitty. Stop loading up on pitchers) or you could get your hair blown back by this short film by Ridley Scott Associates, and staring the Jaguar F-Type. It is called "Desire," and also features Damian Lewis (from Homeland and Band of Brothers) and Jordi Mollà (the villain in every movie that takes place in Latin America). The combination is as scintillating as you may expect, but rather than us prattle on about it, click past to watch the flick.
It's a fun, attractive film, with a twist too! It conjures up memories of the original BMW Films, but with perhaps an even more involved plot. Pretty impressive, given the short runtime. Enjoy! PHOTOS: See more of the Jaguar F-Type