Video: Koenigsegg Celebrates 10 Years, 100 Vehicles

Ten years, 100 cars. For most, that's sort of a shallow victory considering the amount of vehicles monstrous automakers pump out per month. But Koenigsegg is not a 'monstrous' automaker by any stretch of the imagination. The Swedish startup revealed itself in 2003 via one man's (Christian Von Koenigsegg) dream, and has been producing some of the most stunning supercars to date. Now, ten years have past and 100 high-performance supercars have gone out the door. In honor of this special occasion, the team developed the high-performance Agera S Hundra- which we saw last month in Geneva- and a new video to details just what's so special about the 10th anniversary. PHOTOS: See more of the Koenigsegg Agera S Hundra