Robert Downey Jr. Drives R8 to Iron Man 3 Premiere

Perhaps one of the most identifiable elements to the Iron Man movie franchise has been Tony Stark's rides. In each installment, you get to see his garage, which has all manner of high-powered vehicular activity, including a Shelby Cobra, Saleen S7, Tesla Roadster and a whole host more! Though such vehicles are seen in the background, the car that is perhaps the most syonymous with the big screen's Iron Man character is the Audi R8 and R8 Sypder. Sure, that is the intended result of product placement which is probably worth millions of dollars, but it worked. When we see these photos of Robert Downey Jr. at the Iron Man 3 premiere, we are reminded of how much the car complements the leading role and vice versa. It is the perfect fusion of technology and power that embody both the big ole robot suit and the mid-engined Audi supercar. In this case, it was a 2014 Audi R8 Spyder, but it could be any variation of the R8. The two (in the context of the movie franchise) are intrinsically linked. PHOTOS: See more of the 2014 Audi R8 Spyder