Chris Brown's Hot Wheels Lambo Proves Money Does Not Buy Taste

To say that Chris Brown is a douche-nozzle would be an insult female hygenic devices. The man is a scumbag, and lower than dirt, but somehow the recording-artist-turned-abusive-boyfriend keeps ending up in the news. While I was hoping it was that he had driven off a cliff in Malibu, it turns out his taste is as bad as his self control. This is exemplified by his decision to customize a Lamborghini Gallardo to look like a Hot Wheels. Ugh. The paint job was done by West Coast Customs, of course known for their outstanding taste in automobiles. Honestly, take away the fact that the car is owned by Chris Brown, and the car is still terrible. I cannot tell which Hot Wheels this paint scheme was based on, but it is not working. Just goes to show you that, in addition to acting like a child, his tastes are also sophomoric as well.

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