Pikes Peak: Honda Competing in 10 Classes

The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb– it is one of the most revered and dangerous events in the world of motorsport. 12.42 miles. 156 turns. A starting-line altitude of 9,390 and a finish-line height of 14,110. The facts are just staggering, and for 2013, Honda will be the sponsoring partner of the competition  To celebrate, they sort of splurged, fielding nine vehicles in ten classes (they're allowed to sponsor AND compete), including a first-generation Acura NSX. Yep, we're fans of all of this. Honda will also likely field a spec'ed-up version of the HPD CR-Z, built for SEMA. That car had 185 horsepower routed through a six-speed manual. While that may not seem like much, it is a boost of 55 over the standard CR-Z. Honda will also run a pair of CBR motorcycles, as well as a slew of other vehicles. But we still cannot take our eyes off the first-gen NSX. With the matte black paint, large rear wing and side skirts. It is the stuff of JDM legend. We want to see this thing in action. All nine Honda vehicles will be among the plethora of vehicles competing in the Pikes Peak Hill CLimb on June 30, 2013.