MotorMouth Is "Storytellers" for Gearheads

There has been an explosion of automotive video in the last five years. From Petrolicious to the DRIVE web series, it has been proof that the automotive realm does not need the cheese-ball weekend car shows. A few months ago, I realized that one area where this emphasis on quality had not truly been capitalized was in the spoken word. Go to any car show, and you'll find plenty of motorheads, exchanging car stories. It was at that point that the Larz Anderson Auto Museum and I got together to create MotorMouth: The Insider Series. Billed as "The Moth Radio Hour for Cars," we assembled five terrific speakers, including our own Craig Fitzgerald, who's past work includes Hemmings Muscle Machines and Hemmings Motor News. You can hear Craig, myself and others ramble on in the podcast below:
Other speakers included Rick Roso, the head of PR for Lime Rock Park, Bob Lapane of Paul Russell & Co (you know, the people that have restored and maintain Ralph Lauren's Car Collection). We ended the night with co-speakers Paul Zangari and Joe Puleo. Paul is a recurring character in Joe's book, "Getting Home Alive: Memories of Car Collecting Before it Got Civilized!" Now you can listen to the great stories that we rehashed in this recording!