Examining the Vehicles of the Boston Manhunt

Last week was a tragic  chaotic, and downright unusual one for Boston residents. This author was in a friend's apartment located between the two explosions at the time of the attack, and his Brighton residence overlooks parts of Watertown. This whole ordeal unfolded right around me, which means there was no shortage of cruisers flying by at all hours of the night. For those in Watertown in the late hours of Thursday night and most of Friday, a wide assortment of specialized armored vehicles were present. Of Course, there were those interested in more on these urban assault vehicles. Our own Craig Fitzgerald, on his personal site, ClunkerNation, examined the vehicles of the "Boston Manhunt" more in-depth. While everyone knows the Ford P71, the Crown-Vic-based "Police Interceptor," there were plenty of wild vehicles that were involved in the events of Friday afternoon. Perhaps the most prominent is the Lenco BearCat LE. Built in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, it did not need to travel far from its place of origin for its intended use. The name is an acronym for Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck. (I have to imagine law enforcement and military come up with the name first, and find words that fill all the letters of the acronym.) Based on a Ford F-550, it features half-inch steel body panels, and is the go-to for SWAT and military police. It did its job on Friday. Source: ClunkerNation