Suzuki Authentics Concept Is An Attractive Proof of Life

Suzuki really had looked like it was down for the count. With no new product news, we were wondering how the automaker would soldier on, and we finally have a vital sign. The Suzuki Authentics Concept that bowed at the Shanghai Auto Show is a fresh new look from the struggling Japanese automaker, and one that few actually expected. Still, like the automaker itself, the Authentics concept has a bit of an identity problem. Allow us to explain. Suzuki says that this sedan is meant to be a C-Segment car, but allows for a longer wheelbase, which is typical of the Chinese market to have extended wheelbase versions of vehicle of just about any size sedan. That said, the car's proportions make it look like a normal-length vehicle, which suggests that the Authentics is, in fact, larger than a C-Segment vehicle. All we know is that it is always good to see a carmaker that was presumed to be down for the count, still punching. PHOTOS: See more of the 2013 Suzuki Authentics Concept