Buick Riviera Concept Bows in Shanghai

If you take a trip back to 2007, you'd remember that the original Buick Riviera concept was arguably one of the best looking concepts the company had ever produced. Ignoring its mostly droll and lifeless lineup of past, Buick engineers went for something a little more futuristic, a little more sexy. Taking virtually zero design cues from the Riviera's of past, the company hoped that the 2007 concept would portray them as "cool" and "tech-savy" as new competition began to pull away from the lowly Americans. Unfortunately, the concept from 2007 was never produced- although, it did pave the way for the current design of the Buick lineup. But now the year is 2013, the concept has been taken back to the workshop, gone through a bit of a design overhaul, and now previews the future future design language of Buick. PHOTOS: See more of the 2013 Buick Riviera Concept Although technically the concept has no specs to boast, we don't doubt that this fluidic new design would sport a form of the Chevy Volt drivetrain- or other- and be luxurious enough to support the Chinese market. Thus the appearance in Shanghai. In total, we're not entirely sure what this updated concept represents (besides a new design language), but if we had our way, we'd love to see this sporty Buick coupe in the lineup sometime soon. Or at least something that will catch people's attention.