Jaguar Planning 600 HP F-Type?

At 380-hp, the Jaguar F-Type with a 5.0L V8 is a well and powerful machine in its current form. While it may be trumped in terms of sheer power by the larger, more expensive XKR-S, the F-Type still manages to hold its own against the big boys, at least in the realm of sheer drivability. Now though, taking note from the more powerful, more ridiculously designed XKR-S GT, Jag officials told Autocar that the idea of a 600-hp F-Type could very well turn into a reality. No official word has been given on the project as of yet, but rumor has it the F-Type halo car could bear a similarity in design to the XKR-S GT ranging from carbon-ceramic brakes to a massive rear wing and even a hard top- similar to the C-X16 concept pictured here. The top-spec F-Type would be the most powerful car in the lineup overtaking the limited edition XKR-S GT and also the most expensive.