Stirling Moss Fires off About Female F1 Drivers, 'Poofters'

Stirling Moss is one of the most celebrated drivers in the history of motorsport. He has been knighted, and has been the subject of plenty of books and documentaries. So it is with pause, and perhaps a little bit of wiggle room that we digest Moss's stance on women in racing, claiming that they do not have the "mentality" to race. In an interview with the BBC, Moss said that while women may have the strength to drive, they don't have the mental capability to run wheel-to-wheel in such high-stakes situations. We assume off-the-record he suggested that they 'stay in the kitchen' and to 'make me a god damn sandwich!' But that's not all! Moss was not finished making himself sound like a true octogenarian. He told the Telegraph that he did not want a 'poofter' playing him in any movie, which has caused outrage in the gay community. The comments were in response to  being asked how he felt about Chris Hemsworth playing F1 driver James Hunt in the upcoming film Rush. He went on to explain that he would want a masculine actor playing him, even suggesting "the guy from Skyfall." We're sure Daniel Craig would be honored to hear that, but perhaps less enamored with Moss's social views. I've met Sir Stirling Moss, and he is a cordial, considerate man. He is also a man of another generation, and there should be some consideration of his advanced age and the social norms of his time when examining his quotes. The fact that people have responded with outrage exemplifies just how far we have come as a society. Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz