Video: Security Footage Viral or Very Fake? You Decide

Oh, silly marketers, how silly and dumb do you think we, the unwashed masses, really are? Apparently quite dumb, because the silly marketers at a tech company that will not be named tried to pass this video off as authentic. In this "security footage," a Toyota Highlander crashes into the homeowner's garage not once, but twice. Sorry, but we're not buying this. The video just looks wayy too orchestrated. Also, the interwebs are damn good at calling bullshit, which they have in the comments. You watch and be the judge:
Oh, and the fact that there is a Logitec logo on the video and it is named in the description. Yeah, sorry marketers, we're too good for that weak sauce. But what do you think? Is this video the real deal or is it just marketing BS? Tell us in the comments below.