Jaguar Racing Reborn with F-Type Group 44

In the early 70s, some of the most iconic racing Jaguars ever to grace a track wore the Group 44-spec Quaker State Racing livery. Mostly, the E-Type and the XJS. They were beautiful and so, so damn sexy. But since then, the E-Type and the XJS haven't necessarily been in existence anymore, nor Bob Tullius' less-than-fruitful Group 44 racing team. The Jaguar F-Type though, is a real thing, and a very sexy thing. And taking very sexy things and making them even more sexy...that is greatness. The guys over at Crank and Piston got together this one-of-a-kind rendering for the F-Type complete with a racing-style windscreen, racing bucket seats (from what we can see), and a new set of side exhausts. We likey. Jaguar, do this.

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