Dubai Police Take Delivery of Lamborghini Aventador Patrol Car

Already there's a healthy amount of high-performance police cars on the market. Porsches, Corvettes, Gallardos, etc., etc. But a Lamborghini Aventador police car? Now that's a sexy new twist. Slated for duty/show by none other than the Dubai Police Department, the expensive cop car was revealed with the intention of high speed patrol in the already speedy city. We're not sure if Dubai police put up the funds for the car themselves, or if it was taken into custody from a criminal. Either way, it's about as awesome as police cars get. Heck, we'll even take the Nissan Xterra cruiser that is being prepped in the background. We have to imagine that when a call comes in regarding a high speed chase, they'll use the 5-0 Lambo. Source: