Video: BF Goodrich Tires, as Tested by SCCA Drivers

Earlier this year, we made the trek down to NOLA Motorsports Park, and went HAM on a couple of M3s, WRXs and Mustangs in the name of finding out what makes a great road-track tire with the good folks at BF Goodrich. We also got to play with a Skip Barber-Spec Miata on a skid pad. It was all good fun, but we were able to really break down the BF Goodrich Rival G-Force tire agains the competition, as well as other BFG tires. You can read all about what we thought about it here. Well it's one thing for automotive journalists to get behind the wheel and test tires, but we're writers, folks. We have some wheelman skills, but at the end of the day, were just a little bit better than your everyday driver, and even that's not always true. So BFG brought some SCCA drivers down to take on the same test that we performed. Trust us, they know what they are doing:
And to single out one particular driver, here is 12-time autocross champion Andy Hollis doing his thing. When he speaks on a tire, folks like us tend to listen: