Video: Ron Howard's RUSH Brings Back Racing Flicks

Do you remember the Sly Stallone film, Driven? That movie was absolute, pure bull droppings, and set the genre of auto-inspired films back decades. The scene where Sly was driving through open streets really stopped the motorsport cinema genre right in its tracks. That was until Ron Howard decided to take on one of the great true storylines in Formula 1's history with his new film, Rush.

While the late 1960's were the golden years for Le Mans racing, the 70's, one could argue were the best years of F1. The speeds were increasing, and the issues of safety had not quite been grasped. In 1967, driver Niki Lauda was rivals with driver James Hunt. When a famous crash left Lauda near deaths door and permanently scarred, many were worried about his future, not if he would return to racing. Lauda shocked the world by getting behind the wheel, and we are very pleased to see howard take on such a tremendous tale in the history of motorsport.

See, truth can be better than fiction, and the thrill of seeing these vintage F1 cars in action beats the hell out of Indy cars driving through city streets.