What is Bugatti Teasing Here?

It was recently reported that the all-powerful Bugatti Veyron Super Sport was stripped of its crown in the category of world speed record, in place of the Hennessey Venom GT. While the Veyron may have originated the idea of monstrous speeds on a production level, other automakers have all but overtaken Bugatti and their speed dreams. Now though, with news a stirring on who's faster, Bugatti released a teaser on its Facebook page for what very well could be the sought after, 1,600-hp Super Veyron. Or at least we hope. The teaser doesn't really show anything other than a garage door opening to beam in some light. And the photo caption reads: "The stage is set. It’s almost time for us to share the latest example of exceptional Bugatti performance, simply keep a close eye on Facebook over the next few days." Oh, we will. While we're not entirely sure what to expect, if we're to believe early rumors, a Bugatti Super Veyron could push out the aforementioned 1,600-hp, manage 60 mph in only 1.8 seconds, and cost a jaw-dropping $2.5M.