Video: The King of Drift Hoons the 2014 Ford Mustang RTR

When it comes to the rapidly growing sport of drifting, few can swing out the back end like Vaughn Gittin Jr. The Ford-sponsored Formula D champion owned the 2012 season, taking first place at Round 4 in New Jersey, Round 5 in Monroe, WA, and WDS in China. Gittin is one bad dude when it comes to breaking the back wheels loose, and for the 2013 season, Ford has bestowed him with a new ride. The 2014 Ford Mustang RTR is a muscle car built for a single purpose; gettin' sideways. When Vaughn and the Monter Energy Drink team make their 2013 debut April 12-13 at Long Beach, it will be at the wheel of this black and green bohemeth. With 845 horsepower on tap and a curb weight in the neighborhood of 2,900 pounds, this 'Stang must be serious fun! Check out this bro-tastic debut video for Vaughn and his V8 chariot for the 2013 Formula D season! PHOTOS: See more of the 2014 Ford Mustang RTR