McLaren P1 Almost Already Sold Out in U.S.

With McLaren's latest unveiling of its high-end, ultra-exclusive sportscar the P1, it doesn't come as a shock that a bunch of rich blokes are already dishing out big bucks to get one into their driveway. And not surprisingly, it's almost already sold out in the U.S. Sitting down with McLaren Automotive's director for North America, Anthony Joseph, he told Motor Authority that the P1 is expected to be sold out stateside within the next few months: "In North America we are about 75 percent sold on the car and we expect it to be completely sold out by the end of June." Lest you forget, only 375 P1's will be produced, so the number of hypercars actually making their appearance stateside is even slimmer. And at $1.3M each and 903-hp, we don't expect this exotic to be sitting in showrooms for too long. PHOTOS: See more of the McLaren P1