Videos: Scandinavia Hoons Better Than You

Ah the countries of Sweden and Norway, my do they know how to play with cars. It's hard to argue with the winter rallys, and all manner of automotive craziness that takes place up on the Scandinavian peninsula. We have two excellent examples of the splendid automotive hyjinx (aka "hooning") that take place in Europe's Great White North. The first is a video of professional driver Kenneth Moen at the wheel of a 840-horsepower Toyota Supra. Rather than a typical drift course, Moen hoons the Supra through a snowy rallying course in Norway:
The producers of the video make a huge deal about how impressive it is that a drift driver can hang on a rally course, but the older rally cars were all RWD, so basically, we're just getting back to our roots here. Anyways, the next video is from Sweden, where some ingenious mechanic fitted a small farm tractor with a turbocharged engine from a Volvo 240. It's almost too Swedish to handle:
Keep doing you, Scandinavia. Keep doing you.