Callaway Corvette AeroWagonette- Ditch the Boring SUV

We showed you some time ago how Callaway was planning a wagon variant of the latest and greatest Corvette Stingray. And they were completely serious. Now, as time goes on, the Connecticut tuner wanted to see just how far they can push it with an AeroWagonette- a tiny little trailer for all of your unruly children. The "Wagonette" fits snugly onto the rear of your Stingray wagon, has room enough for three children/dead bodies and is "capable of speeds in excess of 200 mph". And thanks to some clever engineering by Elon Musk, Segway inventor Dean Kamen and Google co-creator Sergey Bring, the Corvette AeroWagonette is the sporty people mover you've always dreamed of. Check out the full (pretty funny) press release below: Press Release: The design department at Callaway Cars released an iteration of its recent AeroWagon Concept. The AeroWagonette unit has been developed in response to the many requests that small children be accommodated into the AeroWagon plans. Designer Paul Deutschman responded with a unique capsule that will allow up to three children to ride along behind their parents in the appropriate amount of isolation. The experience will be particularly effective for children who tend to be bothersome or otherwise inappropriate. Since the Callaway AeroWagon is capable of speeds in excess of 200 mph, a ' timeout ' in the AeroWagonette should prove terrifying to even the most boisterous of offspring. Callaway Cars founder, Reeves Callaway states: We have several children assigned to the testing role already. Callaway admits that the Scared Straight, or its more aggressive, Scared S**tless technique, can be very effective. SpacEx founder Elon Musk could be engaged to supply the coupling / de-coupling strategy first used in the docking of the ISS. The AeroWagonette will be self balancing. Segway inventor Dean Kamen and Google founder Sergey Brin will be asked to meld the self-righting technology with the autonomous vehicle routines that will allow the driver to elect a Retrieve or Refuse strategy for re-docking. At the driver's command, the unit can be de-coupled and continue unimpeded, upright, however without directional control. Also at the driver's command will be 14 separate and remotely deployable airbags within the AeroWagonette. Feedback regarding the AeroWagonette is being collected at Orders will be accepted only on April 1, 2013. No price will be announced as early adopters have proclaimed it "Priceless..."