Answering Critics: Jeep Cherokee Design to be Overhauled

Let's all be very honest about something– fans of the new Jeep Cherokee have been few and far between. Listen, when we heard that Jeep was reviving the Cherokee name, we were excited...then we saw the design. We were not alone in our derision of the mid-size crossover. Automakers have been getting better and better about addressing criticism and this is no different for the Cherokee. According to Chrysler, the exterior of the Cherokee will be overhauled before the first one ever rolls off the assembly line. This is progress. Last year, Honda appeased critics by redesigning the Civic after only one year of the new generation on the market. That was the quickest turnaround that we have seen, but will be trumped by this turnaround. The redesign will be focused on the front clip, which will adopt many of the design cues of the Jeep Compass, which is being phased out after this model year. It is a rather brilliant move, as the compass is meant to visually slot under thew Grand Cherokee.  This move will put the Cherokee visually under its big brother, right where it belongs. We can't wait for the actual images to surface, but anything will be better than what we've been seeing lately. Great job, Jeep!