Automakers Proposing Program to Streamline Chinese Patent Infringement

Chinese automakers are well-known for their ability to reverse-engineer and copy American, German and Japanese cars. The problem has gotten to the point where automakers have thrown up their hands and decided to find a way to work with the Chinese, rather than fight them. Several automakers have joined together to propose a new program that would allow Chinese engineers access to schematics and patents as a means of producing mechanically sound vehicles rather than reverse-engineering vehicles with potentially hazardous outcomes. According to a source familiar with the new proposal, more than one automaker concedes that China's growth is something that cannot be overlooked, and when the dust settles, Chinese cars will be in nearly every major market around the world. With that, the small group of automakers behind this proposal would rather be on China's good side when this automotive invasion occurs. "I hate to say this, but if you can't beat them, join them," said the source, who wished to remain anonymous. He continued, "If they are going to copy us anyways, why not share our technology with them so that they are not making a vehicle that is unsafe to their buyers." A noble concept, but we have to imagine that international trade regulators will have something to say about this situation. We will continue to cover this as it progresses.