Russian Officials Instructing Motorists to Ignore Ambulances

Russia has many problems on its roads. In addition to rampant insurance fraud and road rage, a new problem comes in the form of wealthy oligarchs using fake ambulances to get through traffic. That's not cool, and the Russian government agrees. They have issued a warning to motorists to keep an eye out for these fake emergency responders, and in most cases, ignore them altogether. This is unfortunate news for anyone in serious peril in Russia. The "ambulance-taxis" advertise on the Internet for the equivalent of $200 an hour, and are rented by VIP commuters looking to get through traffic with haste. Their popularity has pushed the Russian government to deem this something of a "boy-who-cried-wolf" situation, and to disregard nearly all emergency vehicles. According to one unnamed Russian dignitary, "perhaps one of these wealthy fools will have emergency and understand the problem their fake ambulances are causing." This is all rather unfortunate news, but nothing surprises us from Russia anymore.