2015 Defender Will Be "Most Abusable" Land Rover Ever Built

Come 2015, while some Land Rover purists may find themselves a bit less-than-pleased with the radical new design of the Defender- fear not, Land Rover promises that it will be "the most capable, most durable, most abusable product we make." And that sounds awesome. In a recent interview with Carsales.com.au, global brand manager John Edwards broke the news of the newly designed, more manlier Defender. He also went on to hope for some bigger sales numbers: "We sell 16,000 Defenders a year at the moment. I'm not interested in selling 16,000 in the future. [We want] much bigger numbers." While we're still not sure how the new more "abusable" Defender will fare here in the states- it's coming, so you better get used to it.