Video: Renault Clio Ad, Now with Va Va Voom

There have been a great deal of interesting car ads in the last several years, proving that you do not need scantily clad women to sell a new car. In fact, it has become a bit of a passe practice, and regarded as trashy. That said, if done tastefully, incorporating the risque element, it can make for very fetching marketing. With that in mind, we have this terrific Renault marketing campaign. In the UK, an unsuspecting shopper walks into a Renault dealership. He is interested in taking the Renault Clio for a test drive. Generally, the Clio is an attractive European compact car, but it is one particular feature that has this shopper so surprised. The dealer begins to tell the shopper about the "Va-va-voom" feature, when this happens:
Oh, and lest you think that Renault is just a bunch of misogynist pigs, they have the ladies taken care of as well:
As always, clever advertising from the plucky French. Tres bien!