Consumer Advocacy: Botched Mustang Transmission Job

There is a reason why dealers and mechanics get a bad rap as a collection of scumbags. While dealers are known for simply trying to overcharge you and take you for every dollar you're worth, the service department is a whole different beast. The mechanic can phone in a clutch job and tell the vehicle owner that, "Oh yeah, we took care of that. It should work fine now!" Here is one of those cases. According to the poster of this video, his Mustang had 23,000 miles on it when he brought it in for service. He said the A/C was clicking and second gear was making an interesting sound. After bringing it in to be serviced, now gears 1 through 3 make noises. You can listen to the video below:
The sound of gears crunching like that is nails-on-a-blackboard for car guys. We hope that posting this video gets him some attention and that this unfortunate situation can be resolved. Dealers and mechanics sometimes forget that the biggest weapon against scumbaggery is the internet and posting when unfortunate things like this occur!