Video: Animated History of Formula 1 is Mesmerizing

One of the great time-killers for any car enthusiast is looking into the evolution of a car or racing series. In some cases, that time suck comes from trying to track all the information down, which may be in several different places. When all the information is amassed, it makes for a very rewarding experience. This animation by designer Rufus Blacklock chronicles the entire history of Formula 1 cars through the lens of each car's basic layout. You will watch this several times, we promise.
Some interesting things we picked up while watching this, aside from noting the first year that F1 cars went to mid engined layouts, was how engine sizes have changed dramatically over the years. You could see how engines were capped when the V12s became too powerful, and then the move to smaller, turbocharged engines. When the turbo era ended, it saw engines become larger once again. Very briefly in 1984, there were the inline-4 turbocharged engines, moving to the V12s then V10s in the 90s and 2000s, culminating with the current system of small-displacement V8s. Tust us, you will watch this many times.