Video: Auto Club 400 Finish Features Crashes, Fights

Oh NASCAR, you are so predictable. When people complain about the sport being boring, it is when there are no fights or crashes. When there are fights and crashes, the sport becomes instantly more watchable. But when fights and crashes happen, the NASCAR purists say that the sport is being watered down with fights and crashes. Guess what? We don't always report on NASCAR, but we do when it involves fights and crashes. Read on for FIGHTS AND/OR CRASHES!!! First, we have the finish of this past weekend for the Auto Club 400, which involved Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano, in healthy competition, eventually crashing. The crash allowed for Kyle Busch to take the checkered flag, but we can still give it up to Hamlin and Logano for taking part in true racing:
Meanwhile, Tony Stewart was doing the thing that Tony Stewart knows how to do...FIGHT!