Ferrari Tensostruttura Is How LaFerrari Came to Be

As you may or may not have noticed, we love us some concepts around here. Be they one-off renders by up-and-coming designers or in house concepts, portending the future of design for the brand, we love 'em all. What you see above falls into the category of the latter, as it was the early in-house concept work for what became the Ferrari LaFerrari. In the development stages for LaFerrari, it was dubbed the F150, which conjured up notions of an American pickup. But the automotive world knew something amazing was on the way, and this, the Ferrari Tensostruttura concept shows where they were, two years ago while developing the project.
When a vehicle is as hyped as LaFerrari, there is little need to build up buzz, so for a car like this, is is common to see very little of the developmental material such as this. Tensostruttura was one of nine pre-production concepts, and only one of two that made it to a full-size 1:1 scale model. This model is very telling of the eventual production design of the car, but also bridges that gap between LeMans Prototype racer and road car, much like the Lamborghini Veneno.  Both this concept, and the eventual vehicle that it birthed are spectacular to look at and just another reason why Ferrari is one of the best out there.