Quite possibly the best Jeep ever.

As we recently explained, we're quite in love with the new Jeep Grand Cherokee, especially with the new diesel V6 under the hood. The JGC is the perfect blend of capability and luxury, but what if  you cranked up the capability end of things while leaving the luxury aspect intact? The result may well be the best Jeep ever, and it is called the Trailhawk Concept.

Conceived for the Jeep Easter Safari (which started before the weekend and runs to next week, making it tough to decide between going to the NY Auto Show, or being away from a computer for nearly ten days. We opted for bringing you auto show news), the Trailhawk concept builds on the previous Grand Cherokee Trailhawk. But where the Trailhawk I was bigger tires and some funky paint, the Trailhawk Concept adds some exellent off-road bits to the mix.

Grand Cherokee Trailhawk Concept is the Perfect Jeep

The package starts off the Wrangler Rubicon wheels, wrapped in Mickey Thompson 35-inch off-road tires. Spanning the wheelbase are Mopar rock sliders, and above the wheels are customized wider wheel openings, with a protective later. Out front, the Trailhawk Concept gets the front fascia and hood from the Grand Cherokee SRT, capping off the badass look. We know that not all elements of this concept will make the production version, but we can certainly hope!