Fiero-Based Ferrari F50 Kit Car is an Automotive Atrocity

Kit cars typically make true enthusiasts cringe. We're not talking about terrific component cars we write about here all the time. No, were talking about terrible attempts at lookalike supercars, based on the underpinnings of terrible cars. Take, for example, this vehicular abomination that you see here. At first, it may appear to be a Ferrari F50, but upon closer examination it is something far worse. For $25,000, you can own this wannabe Ferrari, but is really a kit car based on a Pontiac Fiero. The seller claims it is "an almost identical replica to the $1,000,000 original." We would respectfully disagree. While the real Ferrari F50 featured a 4.7-liter V12 engine based on a Ferrari F1 mill. Meanwhile this supposed bargain has the Fiero's V6 engine and automatic transmission. Though the seller is seeking $25K, we would hardly pay a thousand. It's a matter of principal.