For Sale: The Bankrupt Nurburgring Racetrack

There is a very short list of tracks that are still around with a storied history. Indianapolis is one, and so is LeMans. The third example of this, and perhaps the most challenging is the Nurburging. Once the home of incredible endurance races, the German track has become something of a rec. center for all kinds of racers, mixing supercars with staid rides all on the same track. Unfortunately things have not been profitable for the Nurburgring as of late. The owners of the track filed for bankruptcy in July of last year, and enthusiasts everywhere started to worry about the future of the so-called "Green Hell." The track is now in possession of a state-appointed liquidator and is up for sale at a rumored $152 million asking price. For most, the word "liquidator" should be a red flag. But all is not lost. There are requirements that the new buyers must follow, including allowing for open track days. This is to keep potential buyers from turning the 'Ring into their private racetrack. At $152 million, it would be one expensive private playground, so we're glad that provision has been made.