Lyonheart K Conjures Up the Jaguar E-Type

Goodness, do we love retro when it is done tastefully. One of the most tasteful examples of bridging old and new in recent memory has been a concept vehicle by Lyonheart, based on the original Jaguar E-Type. Dubbed the Growler, the concept conjured up Jaguar's past, but now the boutique automaker is entering production of the throwback, and the car is getting a name change. The car is now called the Lyonheart K, and the name change is well-advised. You see, "growler" is a British derogatory term for a select region of the female anatomy. The production version of the vehicle, will feature a 5.0-liter V8, sourced from a Jaguar XKR-S. The engine has been tuned by Cosworth to put out an impressive 575 horsepower. Power is sent through a six-speed automatic transmission to the rear wheels, and will get from zero to sixty in just 3.9 seconds. The wheels are stunning 20-inch wire wheels, a rare and classic design, capping off a breathtaking overall appearance. We don't care what they call their new car, it is certainly worth the €360,000 ($466,000).