Video: Red Bull Wingsuiters Fly Amongst Buildings in Rio

While the most common reference we make to Red Bull racing is the energy drink's Formula 1 team, the company has many other equally extreme ventures. From the NASCAR team to the WRC team, it seems like Red Bull does it all, but nothing is quite like this dynamic aeronautical duo, flying in between buildings using wingsuits. Wingsuitists (Or wingsuiters? I think that's what we're calling them) Ludovic Woerth and Jokke Sommer lept from ultra-lights at what appears to be dawn, thousands of feet over Rio de Janeiro. The visual of plummeting into a city at dawn, when the sky is light but ground lights are still on is simply stunning.
Does it make me want a Red Bull at 8:30AM? Hell no, but it further establishes Red Bull as one of the best advertisers on the planet.

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