We'll see them in their full glory at the Easter Jeep Safari

 In honor of the legendary Easter Jeep Safari, Mopar and Jeep have teamed up yet again to tease two of the six special edition off-roaders headed for the 47th annual running. The Jeep Grand Cherokee "Trailhawk II" and the Jeep Wrangler "Slim".

The Trailhawk II- as you may remember- is the second installment in the Jeep Trailhawk series taking cues from last years concept, which also made its debut in Moab. Chrysler hasn't dished out the full goods as of yet, but from what we can see in the teaser, at minimum, it's going to sport a sand dune-inspired bright orange paint scheme.

Jeep Teases Safari-Bound Wrangler Slim and Grand Cherokee Trailhawk II

As for the Slim, the new Wrangler looks to be wearing a new set of wheels and tires along with a new front fascia and some fresh paint. All in the name of 4x4 glory. Chrysler will give us some more details and photos on the duo (and the other four new concepts) later in the month.