W 00 Concept Conjures Up Vintage Racers

We're big fans of any throwback or retro car, so long as it is done with class. This is a shining (literally) example of how a car can represent both past and future in a tasteful manner. It is called the W 00 Concept and it was created by designer Slimane Toubal and is said to be inspired by the racing roadsters of the 1930's. PHOTOS: See more of the W 00 Concept As the designer himself points out, the concept has a very aeronautical theme. While he was going for a classic roadster, it probably most closely resembles a roofed version of a Caterham Super 8. The low-slung design lends itself to conjuring up the past, but it can also be interpreted as entirely futuristic. All we know is that it is one breathtaking design, and should put some carmakers on notice.