Video: NASCAR-Powered Toyota GT 86 is As Crazy As it Sounds

What has everyone been saying about the Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ / Toyota GT 86? "It's a great little car, but it needs more power." Well your prayers may have been answered in the form of this GT 86, powered by a NASCAR-sourced V8 motor. That's right. Giddyup. Set for the Formula D Asia team of Manabu Orido and Fredic Asabo, the latter admits that he has never driven a car with a V8, impressive, considering he's been racing since he was a child. Anyways, back to the V8-powered drift machine.
Dubbed the RS-R 86, it has a TRD-sourced (yeah, we forgot Toyota did the NASCAR thing) V8 engine. The team has swapped in low RPM cams, and it is cranking out 750 horsepower. The car even has a NASCAR-spec rear diff, which is set up for quick changing. All of this is inconsequential to the fact that it is loud as hell and fast as stink!

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