DMC Shows How to Properly Tune with the McLaren MP4 Velocita

When one is considering modifications to already one of the best and most advanced supercars in the world, a sense of moderation is key. Those bold enough to step beyond that level of moderation are suggested to do so with care. A shining example of this is the 2013 DMC McLaren MP4 Velocita. While you can leave it to companies like Mansory to bastardize a perfectly good supercar, tuner DMC may be just as extreme, but far more tasteful. DMC's work on the MP4 is highlighted by the presence of a carbon fiber grille, and a revised lower front fascia. These added vents are for stronger downforce. Out back, the Velocita receives a titanium exhaust system that is supposedly deafening. PHOTOS: See more of the 2013 DMC McLaren MP4 Velocita The visual package is set off with forged alloy rims from DMC's Gold Line. The wheels measure 21 inches front and rear, but the fronts are 9.5 inches while the rear measure 12.5 inches. It's a stunning visual presence, especially the way in which the front lip spoiler complements the rear wing. We wish more tuners would take the hint from DMC.