Video: Crazy Russians Control a Car with an iPad

Do you remember the remote-controlled BMW 7 Series driven by James Bond in "Tomorrow Never Dies"? Though we may not have the skills (or government clearance) to install rockets, guns and defensive countermeasures, one group of industrious Russians has mastered the remote-controlled element. Using an iPad, they have created a remote-controlled version of an Opel Virta (at least that's what the Russians are calling it), and the results are impressive. VIDEO: See more BoldRide videos Set up to be controlled by an iPad, these Russian youths have set up a controller for the drive select, depressors for the gas and brake, and servo to handle the steering wheel. Using a camera on the roof, above the windshield, the car can be controlled via said tablet:
Our only observation is that the wheels turn pretty slowly, though we imagine at higher speeds, that will be a welcomed thing. You just cant turn the wheels quickly when trying to make a three-point turn. Regardless, this is incredible progress.